Moving On… Early 20th century Collections Under the Hammer

After archaeological investigations of a 1920s house, & several exhibitions (see the LIPCAP webpages) that displayed early 20th century domestic material culture (including furniture & clothing) and decor, I shall focus on earlier periods, so won’t be holding another 1930s ‘setting the scene’ open day in the same way as previously. The private collections that formed these displays are now offered for sale (see below) – for more photos of the objects see here  & here (some of the items listed below may be better seen in the other photos).

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Items now up for sale (excepting Christmas decorations), include (above):

  • 1920s sewing machine;
  • 1920s -50s sewing boxes;
  • Victorian cast iron range;
  • 1930s Art Deco glass lampshades (not visible in photos)
  • 1920s electric kettle;
  • mid 20th century portable meat safe;
  • early 20th century plush table cloth;
  • 1930s cast iron kitchen scales;
  • 1920s crystal radio set;
  • 1930s pince-nez spectacles;
  • 1930s chenille curtains;
  • early – mid 20th century kitchen bowls, jars & other crockery (including 1930s ‘Cornish ware’; 1930s – 40s teapots & milk jugs; 1920s-40s teacups etc.; & 1940s utility ware) &
  • early – mid 20th century pans & implements (including mincers); 1920s-40s enamel saucepans; 1930s-40s enamel kettles;
  • early 20th century brass gas-light fitting, converted to electric;
  • 1930s newspapers & magazines;
  • 1930s-50s picnic sets;
  • 1920s -30s paraffin lamp (minus glass chimney);
  • early 20th century aprons & servant uniforms (only partially visible in photos);
  • early 20th century servant call box & bell;
  • early 20th century reproduction food tin lables;
  • 1930s – 50s table lamp;
  • 1910s – 50s glass-ware (‘NAAFI’ drinking glass, vase, beer bottles);
  • 1920s-50s Bakelite (ash-tray; storage jar; vacuum flasks)
  • 1910s-50s lithographic printed tins;
  • 1930s lace curtains;
  • 1930s enamel electric iron;
  • early 20th century brass display plate;
  • 1930s Bakelite telephone.

And (below):

  • 1920s – 30s napoleon mantle clock;
  • 1930s – 40s wooden & Bakelite (minus glass door) mantle clocks;
  • early 20th century pianola rolls (the pianola has now gone);
  • early 20th century music sheets and books;
  • 1920s-50s books (novels & reference);
  • 1920s-50s Christmas cards (used);
  • 1920s-40s framed prints;
  • 1910s-20s brass & silk lampshade;
  • 1920s – 30s fireguards;
  • 1920s – 50s Lloyd Loom type storage seat (in need of repair);
  • 1930s radio (on ebay now, here);
  • 1920s gramophone (on ebay now, here);
  • 1930s-50s armchair (on ebay now, here);
  • 1930s-40s electric gramophone (not visible in photos);
  • 1930s-50s glass-ware (drinking glasses, jug);
  • 1930s-50s glass fruit bowl;
  • 1920s-50s ornaments (vases, wall-pockets, Sylvan-type dogs);
  • 1920s-50s cameras & photo albums;
  • 1930s-50s lamp shades;
  • 1920s-50s soda syphons;
  • 1930s-40s chenille door curtain;
  • 1920s – 50s speakers;
  • 1940s-50s Bakelite telephone.




Also (below):

  • 1920s – 40s skis;
  • 1920s – 50s ice skates;
  • 1920s – 50s golf clubs and bag;
  • early 20th century tennis rackets;
  • 1920s – 50s rucksacks and bags;
  • 1920s – 50s binoculars;
  • 1920s – 50s deck chairs;
  • 1920s – 50s clothing (much more than is on display – including WWII uniforms & other wartime equipment);
  • 1920s – 50s telephones;
  • 1930s-40s cycle;
  • 1930s-40s motorbike helmet, lamp & waterproof coat;
  • 1920s candlestick telephone.


And (below – also see here):

  • 1910s-20s carpet sweeper;
  • 1910s-50s ceramic chamber pots;
  • 1930s dolly tub;
  • late 19th century – early 20th century stoneware bottles;
  • early 20th century enamel bucket & saucepans;
  • early – mid 20th century meat safe;
  • 1960s clogs;
  • 1910s books, newspapers & magazines;
  • WWI memorabilia;
  • 1910s beer & mineral bottles;
  • early 20th century plush table cloth;
  • early 20th century cycle & cycling equipment;
  • late 19th – early 20th century electric plugs.



Most items will be on offer on eBay (here), and possibly on Etsy (here), so if interested in any of the items, bookmark these pages, follow the sellers, or use the contact form for further information.