Grassroots Heritage: Community Work

Current community work

Past Sense Project (which I co-direct): PSP combines archaeological and psychological approaches, examining a range of historical sources (including objects, written sources, photos, and oral histories), to explore violence in and around the home during the 17th – 20th centuries. Project work focuses on Derby and district (UK), although examines other places in and beyond the East Midlands, including Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire and London. We are developing educational and therapeutic workshops that integrate the analysis of archaeological and historical sources in managing trauma.

Twitter: @P_S_Project

Facebook: here

Living in the Past Community Archaeology Project (which I direct: investigates domestic life in late 19th and early 20th century Derby, East Midlands, UK, focusing upon occupied small terraced houses and gardens).

Twitter: @LIPCA_Project

Facebook: here

YouTube Channel: here

Coming Soon…

I aim to develop historical and archaeological workshops on homelessness and destitution that might be provided through a local homeless charity, and will explore the provision of workshops for ex-offender charities, and local youth groups.


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