Sensational Histories and Atmospheric Archaeologies: Talks, Tours and Workshops

What’s On

Coming soon (TBC Late 2016 – 2019)

Talks (Provisional Titles to Indicate General Content)

Antiquarianism in Georgian Derbyshire

Archaeology of the Home in the Age of Austen

Criminal Georgians: Crime and Punishment in Derbyshire during the Long Eighteenth Century

Death and Burial in Postmedieval Derby and District

Georgian Family Life in and Around Derby During the Long Eighteenth Century

Home for Dinner: Dining in Derbyshire During the Long Eighteenth Century

Local Love and Marriage in the Long Eighteenth Century

Motherhood during the Long Eighteenth Century in and Around Derby

Out in the Cold: Poverty and Welfare in Derby During the Late 18th – Early 19th Centuries

Revolting Homes: Derbyshire Domestic Environments at the Time of the Pentrich Rising

Sexual Violence in Postmedieval Derbyshire

Shopping in Derby During the Long Eighteenth Century

Superstition in Postmedieval Derbyshire

Talk and Tea in 17th – early 20th Century England

The Unhappy Wife: Domestic Violence in Postmedieval Derbyshire

Would-Be Soldiers: Militia, Volunteers and Family Life in Derbyshire During the Late 18th – 19th Centuries


A Georgian Archaeological Mystery: The Thief and the Runaway Apprentice (Separate Corporate and Family sessions)

Domestic and Sexual Violence Archaeo-therapy: Learning From the Past (PSP: see ‘Grassroots Heritage‘ Page’)

The above represent work in progress, and the titles and final content are TBC. More details of these events, and other talks are in preparation, will be announced ASAP. Check ‘Touching Histories‘ and ‘Grand Tours‘ for companion events.