As followers might notice, I’m in the process of consolidating my numerous online outlets for the various strands of research and education in which I’m involved. This may incorporate importing some blogs, and exporting others, but it’ll hopefully be easier to have my personal and professional work in one place, and provide community projects with their own dedicated online space.

During my long absence from the ‘net, I’ve been working hard on new research, and preparing new educational services (both of which are still for the time being work in progress): see the other webpages on this site for more information on these. This has left little time for public dissemination, so I’ve much catching up ahead of me – apologies for the delay to all the lovely people who have shared their knowledge, and provided permission that I might put info. and images online.

Getting new work, developing interests (of which I have many!), and lots of photos taken during project development, out there will be a gradual process, but hopefully there’ll be something of interest in the trickle of content that will run through these pages.

I’ll use this blog to provide updates (as well as Twitter and Flickr) – interested readers may follow via email by clicking the button to the right – and / or watch this space!